As Artists we find Inspiration in so many Places and People!

And we hope to inspire others to create and follow their passions

We often hold workshops and classes for those who want to explore different mediums and crafts, you can find current or upcoming workshops here in our Workshops Collection

We have also created a range of eBooks teaching different techniques and mediums which can be found here in our Digital Content Collection

We also love to celebrate and honour our fellow artists and creatives that inspire us

Encouraging Artists to follow their passions and continue their artistic journeys is such a wonderful way to support them and there are so many ways you can do so without spending a cent!
One of the best ways you can show your support is by following their journey on Social Media.
We personally have found that the love and encouragement from our audience is such a huge driving force, helping us to persevere and keep going especially when times are tough and we are certain may other Artists feel the same way.
Below you will find a list of some of the New Zealand and International Artists that have inspired David and I in some way or another throughout our own creative journey and if their art resonates with you then please feel free follow the links to their websites or social media pages and send them some love with Follows, Likes or Comments

 Jessie Christieson 

Jessie Christieson is a contemporary  mixed media artist residing in Governors Bay in the South island of New Zealand. She creates beautiful, whimsical, mixed media art that invites emotional response and delight. Jesse works with vibrant colours and fluid art techniques to create eye catching, inspirational art that brighten any setting that they find themselves in She has exhibited in Exhibitions and Art Shows across Nz

Website:    Instagram:

Phoebe Gander

Phoebe Gander is a British artist and educator living in Gisborne, Nz she is a wonderful creative who shares her journey through art and life in a funny, charismatic way not shying away from the trials and tribulations of being an artist, mum and overall wonderful person who also embraces her ADHD

Her and Julie Battisti are the hosts of the funny and wonderful PODCAST: @faillikeanartist 

Website:          Instagram:

Julie Battisti

Julie is an incredible fine artist residing in the south of the South Island, Nz. She creates absolutely stunning, detailed paintings using vibrant colours and playing with light and movement. Her works at the moment are a beautiful collection of flowers and clouds 

Julie is the other half of the Podcast @faillikeanartist and together her and Phoebe have created a funny, emotional, relatable community talking about the successes and fails of being an artist

Website:  Instagram:

Anna Frances

Anna Frances is an Auckland Artist who creates beautiful art and homewares in a range of mediums and styles. She uses resin and alcohol inks in a lot of her pieces and also celebrates vibrant colours that evoke an emotional response

Recently Anna has been exploring pop culture with a collection of resin homewares that celebrate some the most cherished aspects of every bodies childhood



Website:  Instagram:

Glen Turner

Glen Turner is a Christchurch Based Artist who creates unique, multi faceted art pieces predominantly out of timber. His mosaic like pieces are so unique and recognizable as his own and each piece exudes attention to detail and placement  

Website:            Facebook:

Glen Colechin

Glen Colechin is an incredible Artist and Sculptor in Taradale, Nz his use of materials like copper and steel and the way he manipulates them into beautiful works of art celebrating nature and the natural world is truly inspiring

Instagram:    Facebook:

Angelote Art

Angelote is an incredible Ocean Artist from Tenerife who has mastered the art of Resin Ocean Art and who often incorporates debris found in the ocean near her home into her art pieces. 

She is passionate about ocean health and the wildlife that resides within and she teaches classes in her studio

Website:                                        Instagram:

Petra Meikle

Petra Meikle is a mixed media artist from Cairns, Australia who create the most stunning ocean inspired art. She gets a lot of inspiration from the Great Barrier Reef and it is reflected in many of her pieces. Her pieces have show cased on the Block Australia and House Rules 

Website:      Instagram:

Gillie and Marc

Gillie and Marc are an incredible Artist power couple who have created an inspirational career both as artists and sculptors. Their art is found around the world and their passion for preserving the worlds wildlife is prominent in their art and lives. We aspire to one day be as successful as an artist couple as these two amazing human beings

Website:                          Instagram:

Iveta Bell

Iveta is an amazing mixed media artist from Napa Valley, California who creates a range of vibrant, colourful pieces. Her ocean pieces are truly incredible and inspirational as are all her pieces



Instagram:        Facebook:

Katie Alize

Katie Alize is an inspirational Abstract Artist based in Essex, UK who creates the most beautiful collections of mixed media art. She plays with colour and texture often ending in a glassy finish of resin to create whimsical pieces that delight the eye and heart alike.


Website:                        Instagram:

Jordan Sprigg

Jordan Sprigg is a wonderful Sculptor from Western Australia who creates amazing Animals out of mechanical components and materials, his attention to detail is incredible and his creations take on a lifelike appearance with his meticulous detail to proportions 


Website:  Instagram: