Our Happiness Guarantee

At Chaos By Design Nz David and I handcraft beautiful products with care and attention to detail in our home Studio and Workshop
Our Values are Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Craftmanship in our Business and
we want our customers and clients to come away with not only with a high quality product or artwork but also with a feeling of receiving MORE in quality than the monetary value they paid.
 All of our products and art pieces go through a stringent process to ensure quality and excellence
With this in mind we want to remind our customers that our products and art works ARE hand made and as such there may be tiny imperfections
Wood has natural defects, this is what makes it unique and we celebrate these rather than condemn them
When creating with resin I try to ensure that every piece is perfect however it is almost impossible to achieve 100% Perfection
Sometimes a stray bubble or dust mote may land in the setting resin, therefore I accept 99% perfection, you may find an odd bubble or dust mote in your piece but I try my very best to prevent this.
If you are not 100% Happy with your Purchase please do reach out so we can come to a resolution.
Katie xx
Chaos by Design Nz