Melencholy 2024

Status: Available $3000

Medium: Mixed - Wood, Copper & Stainless Steel 

Size: 1000 x 490 mm

Artist: David Williamson

David has been exploring the Journey Within as it were and has been wanting for create pieces that highlight and honour mental illness for a while.
Pieces that really represent how it feels to be going through journeys like Depression and Anxiety but also what Support and Understanding could look like.
Mental Health is something that is extremely under supported by the Health sector here in New Zealand.
We are both have our own versions of inner journeys through mental illness and while we are lucky to have each other for support, there are so many souls out there that feel lost and alone and completely unsupported.
This piece is something he felt he needed to create as part of his own journey, and I, for one, am affected by it immensely. This piece is something that touches my heart and soul in its complete relatabiblity to Depression especially.
Feeling trapped and bound by the negative thought patterns and feelings, feeling like the world is closing in and you are powerless to stop it.
This piece will be available at the @thewellingtonartshow in April, and we invite you to come and stand in front of it and see what emotions rise up for you.
Image of David's yet to be Titled Art Piece representing Depression