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It's No Secret that I love Art Resin but have I ever told you why?

During my Resin Journey I have tried many brands of resin, my ultimate goal in almost every case was to achieve that rarest of rare, perfect lacing every time as my main focus is Ocean Art for our cheeseboards and homewares.

Of all the brands I have tried here in New Zealand, I only found 2 brands that I really loved for this effect, Art Resin of course and my second favourite for Ocean Art is Barnes Epoxy Glass which is also incredible for lacing so why of the 2 have I decided on Art resin?

There are several important factors for this choice:

  1. Art resin is the only Certified food safe resin I know of. This is super important to David and I as we are putting it on food related items. We want to know that our customers have the safest possible product. Find Out more about their testing process and findings here.

  2. Art Resin is Cruelty Free!! This is so incredibly important to me and David, we are both animal lovers and believe there is absolutely no need to be testing ANYTHING on animals in this day and age! A while back I was looking into another brand to potentially use and I downloaded the safety data sheet and was horrified to find all of the animal testing data! Needless to say I do not want to experience that again. Find out more about Art Resins Cruelty Free Ethics Here  
  3. Art Resin is made By Artists For Artists. Dave and Rebecca are both incredible artists in their own rights, so when they were struggling to find a good quality resin to coat their artworks in that would stand the test of time, they decided to employ chemists and create their own! The end result is an incredible product with low VOCs and high UV Stabilizers and No Added fillers ensuring their product is High Quality and User Friendly
  4. Art Resin is incredibly helpful. As a business, Art resin cares about their customers and share heaps of helpful information, FAQs and hints and tips across a broad range of media including their Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook, and of course their Website
  5. Art Resin Loves their Customers. Every month they give away a pack of Resin to 1 lucky creative who tags them in their posts and shares their beautiful art on the Blog! 
Now I am sure there are many other incredible Epoxy Resin Brands out there, I know of a few in the states that have very high reviews and a lot of resin artists rave about them such as Total Boat and MAS Epoxies, unfortunately they are not available in New Zealand at this stage. And I know there are a lot of brands in New Zealand receiving high regard that I have not tried and cannot comment on.
However if you are a resin artist in New Zealand and you are looking for a high quality, food safe, ethical resin brand then I highly recommend Art Resin 
Check out their incredible range Here


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